BT phone box contract now live (08/10/17)

BT phone box contract now live

Primesight is now part of Global

19,000 kiosks in fantastic locations

Beloved of fast food brands Greggs, KFC and McDonald's, as well as many well-known FMCG brands such as Cadbury and Wall's, Primesight's takeover of phone box advertising gives brands a stand-out footprint in high footfall locations and is perfect for attracting attention in the local area, whether they're looking for a large campaign or a smaller, highly targeted one.

What makes phone boxes such a great buy? Well with 19,000 of them across the UK, they provide 90.3% coverage of the UK population.

Taking one of the most popular options for brands, buying 2,000 panels will reach over 60% of the population and up to over 82% of the all adult population for 10,000 panels. In comparison, 500 TV ratings will reap 81.3% coverage but cost approximately £2m to achieve - hardly a cost-effective way to reach your ideal audience.

Using phoneboxes we can achieve higher coverage than TV for a quarter of the cost.

Primesight are are experts in proximity campaigns - having already delivered tried and tested campaigns across the rest of our small format - and we have the data to show a significant differences in sales uplift from control to test. On average there is a 29% sales uplift in stores with a poster outside.

Looking at some of our most popular categories we have phone boxes in very close proximity (within the optimum 300m distance to help influence purchase) to:

  • 9,755 Pharmacies
  • 11,565 Convenience Stores
  • 4,589 Bars

Which is just the beginning of the diverse options this estate offers both large and small advertisers.