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London Gatwick and London Luton airports expose DOOH campaigns to over 52 million passengers annually.

Originally published on the AML website, this article was amended in January 2017 after Primesight's 2016 acquisition of AML.

BroadSign International, LLC's automated digital out-of-home software has been selected by Airport Media to power its DOOH displays at airports in the United Kingdom.

Airport Media has a portfolio of static, digital and experiential campaigns within London Gatwick and London Luton airports. The displays comprise a mix of large and small format digital and LED screens installed throughout the whole of the passenger airport journey from Departures, the start of their experience, to the post-security shopping areas, and, after their return, in Arrivals.

Sarah Parkes, Managing Director at Airport Media, said: "Ever-growing audiences, impressive access to hard to reach consumers and significant dwell times combine to make the airport environment increasingly attractive to advertisers. It’s vital that our media channel partners enhance our ability to provide brands with the best possible communication channels to reach this valuable audience. We are working with BroadSign because their playback, reporting and ability to integrate with third-party platforms will help us to deliver optimum results for our clients."

London Gatwick Airport now boasts a 28% share of the London airport market, with over 45 airlines serving more than 200 destinations in 90 countries. The airport’s audience is young and predominantly indulging in 'me' time, with 80% travelling for leisure purposes. The airport business passengers have a strong international and domestic business profile.

London Luton Airport audience grew by a significant 17% year-on-year, with access to over 100 destinations. The audience is young, leisure-focussed and adventurous, with 23% travelling on a non-package holiday.

The audiences reached through these airports unsurprisingly attracts a wide range of diverse advertiser categories, with brands on display including Land Rover, Louis Roederer, British Gas, Columbus and easyJet.

"Airport Media are an experienced and progressive team advancing the airport advertising landscape," said Maarten Dollevoet, Vice President EMEA at BroadSign. "We are excited that the BroadSign platform, a standard for the ad-based industry, has been deemed the best fit for the critical requirements and ambitions of the network."

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About BroadSign

BroadSign International, LLC is the first global provider of cloud-based digital signage software. Its award-winning, automated approach to content management is mature, reliable and robust, and gives digital out-of-home networks an unlimited capacity for growth without adding personnel. BroadSign's sophisticated platform and efficient media player, BroadSign Xpress Pro, decrease the cost of network deployment. BroadSign's constant growth, extensive customer base and dedication to predicting and responding to industry trends make its digital signage solutions a safe bet for the future of networks with even the most complex of requirements.

About Airport Media and primesight airports

Before being acquired by Primesight, Airport Media was the exclusive provider of digital, classic and experiential advertising opportunities within London Gatwick Airport and London Luton Airport.

Primesight Airports offer clients opportunities to speak to 111 million consumers every year, across eight airports.

Primesight Airports’ highly desirable inventory covers four of the top five airports in the UK, 50% of all airport footfall across London and 40% of all UK.

This article was originally published on the AML website, before their acquisition by Primesight.