Audi latest to snap up Primespot in Spiderman takeover (21/07/17)

Audi latest to snap up Primespot in Spiderman takeover

Primesight is now part of Global

Primesight's third beacons campaign has just gone live

Audi are maximising the effect of their Marvel collaboration with Tony Stark (Iron Man’s car of choice) by serving a bespoke piece of video content of Peter Parker learning to drive (in an Audi, obviously), alongside Primespot's hyper-targeted digital foyer advertising running only when Spider-Man Homecoming plays on screen. By using Primespot, Audi are able to enhance the synergy between brand and film and amplify their cinema takeover.

To complement the OOH domination and further target cinemagoers, Audi are activating beacons around cinemas in proximity to their dealerships, sending viewers to the above mentioned clip featuring a scene directly from the film and giving fans a contextually relevant message while they wait in the foyer for the movie to begin.

Exciting times for the industry as we test and learn more about mobile behaviour, context and OOH in tandem.

What is Primespot?

First used by Lego in their December 2016 Star Wars campaign, and again by Renault in March, Primespot is Primesight's innovative way of scheduling cinema advertising to minimise wastage.

Mimicking the traditional 'gold spot' advertising seen on-screen before film showings, Primespot offers advertisers the opportunity to run their campaigns in foyers in the fifteen minutes before screenings of their chosen films. The average cinema goer spends 14 minutes in the foyer ahead of watching their film, at a time when they are most receptive to the messages around them. Offering highly targeted options based on the film’s demographic, this innovation answers our brands’ needs to target specific audiences.