adam&eveDDB's Dan Kelly chosen as Future Dreams artist (22/07/16)

adam&eveDDB's Dan Kelly chosen as Future Dreams artist

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Can you create The Ultimate Canvas?

That's the question we put to the creative industries in our Talenthouse-hosted challenge in May. As the results show, artists truly appreciate the power of the billboard.

Cancer Erasers by adam&eve's Dan Kelly has been selected to represent breast cancer charity Future Dreams and later this year it will appear across 50 premium digital billboard sites donated by Primesight. Dan's work was chosen by a panel of judges after fierce competition and over 400 entries on the Talenthouse website.

Understandably such a powerfully emotive subject received a wide range of submissions and themes, with the winning artwork being called "Smart, and simple," by Campaign's Claire Beale, one of our partners on The Ultimate Canvas.

For Julia Leckey, Founder of Honest, and the judge from Future Dreams, Cancer Erasers represented a deep, personal truth "I've had Stage 3 cancer, which put me on a new path with a clearer life purpose. This entry had resonance with me and, working in the creative industry, I’m a great believer in a strong message with a clear purpose. This entry answered that brief." TBWA\UK's Peter Souter agrees that "Everything you read about fighting cancer says that a positive attitude is vital, so this incredibly simple way of saying you 'can' fight is the main reason I love this execution."

For Spencer Leslie, a Trustee with Future Dreams who passed on the thoughts of the charity, Dan's billboard design was everything they had hoped "We are extremely grateful to everyone who has participated and thrilled with the end result."

If you're wondering what makes for an effective billboard, Proximity's John Treacy has some strong advice "You have three seconds to land your message. That’s why it’s the ultimate expression of a creative idea." How were the entries chosen in this first round? As one of the judges John was able to offer valuable insights into the decision making process "Those that didn’t pass the three-second test were quickly discarded, leaving really strong ideas simply executed."

Naren Patel, Primesight's CEO and a fellow judge added: "I’m delighted to be able to use the power of our billboards in spreading the inspiring and positive message at the heart of Future Dreams. Partnering with Talenthouse and Campaign has allowed all of us to put the huge impact of outdoor advertising to a good cause. Cancer Erasers is a simple but clever idea that I know will make an impression on the streets of the UK."

So are you looking to make an impression on the streets of the UK? Round two of The Ultimate Canvas has started – you can find out more here about FAB, the next charity, and put John's advice to the test.

To donate to Future Dreams and help them continue to support, research and raise awareness of breast cancer please visit their website.