3 Stars highlight our company culture (23/03/16)

3 Stars highlight our company culture

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This year, Primesight was accredited the highest possible rating of 3 Stars and positioned as the top-scoring media owner within our category in the Best Companies survey.

2016 is the third year in a row that Primesight has been named as a Best Company by the initiative, which exists to acknowledge excellence by assessing workplace engagement across eight key areas. We’re thrilled to be awarded 3 Stars to mark what we feel has been an exceptional year at Primesight, both for our staff and client work.

Primesight’s journey to this exciting point dates back to 2009, when we were highlighted as ‘One to Watch’ (OTW) by Best Companies and progressed to a 1 and then a 2 Star rating. At Primesight we have always believed that people drive results. Too often in media, results are over-promised but half-heartedly pursued. Investing in our people and really caring about the work we do is the only way to achieve the best results for clients.

Being awarded ‘One to Watch’ status was a great motivator for us and we made it our mission to position our mantra at the heart of everything we do. In 2013, we made ‘Results Are Our Culture’ our official slogan, providing a clear proposition and standing for our employees to understand and join in with Primesight’s vision. After just nine months, surveys showed that 92% of our staff understood and truly believed in this message.

This is because ‘Results Are Our Culture’ is underpinned by a proactive programme centred on our staff’s wellbeing. Initiatives like permanent health insurance; Flexi Time; our employee assistance programme, which provides support, guidance and counselling for employees when they need it, either inside work or in their private life; and our commitment to championing charity activities, like our recent partnership with Missing People, are all dedicated to promoting wellbeing right across the company.

In 2014, after we celebrated our first 2 Star accreditation, feedback from the Best Companies staff survey gave us more fuel for improvement. We could see that ensuring our employees are given a voice, both through enabling an open, inclusive company dialogue and by introducing our own staff surveys, is a great way to increase employee engagement. Our ‘In Your Prime’ programme ran across 2015 to unify these many different initiatives.

While our journey to 3 Stars has been hugely rewarding, it doesn’t stop there! Fostering a strong work culture that engages and nurtures our employees will remain front and centre of our business agenda, and infused within the results we deliver for our clients.

Kathryn Bean
Primesight HR Director