InLink700 Competition - Win a Trip to New York with InLink, the Smarter, City Choice

7 days, 7 prizes, as InLink reaches 700 screens!

To celebrate the launch of our 700th InLink screen in the UK, we’re offering you the chance to win prizes every day for the next seven days, culminating in a grand prize draw for a four-night stay in New York.

InLink has hit scale, with 700 screens across 18 UK cities and 18 London boroughs.

Every day for the next seven working days we'll be giving away £100 in John Lewis vouchers to some lucky winners. For every daily entry into our competition you increase your chances to win our grand prize: a trip for two to New York.

So, are you smart enough to win?

The InLink700 competition started on Wednesday 23rd January and ended on Thursday 31st January 2019.

The nitty-gritty

Every day at 10:00 we will send out a link to the latest question. You'll see it live on here, across all of our social channels and on our email newsletters - making it pretty unmissable.

Simply share your name, company, email and phone number (so that we can contact you with the good news!)... Oh and don't forget the answer to the question too. 

You'll have seven hours to submit the correct answer (one entry per person per day) as each day's competition will close at 17:00. We'll announce the winner the next morning when the next question is ready to go live. 

So, are you the smartest in OOH? Tune in every working day to prove it.

Today's question

You can enter our competition directly below, or (especially if you're on your mobile) scroll down to follow the link to our external competition page.

Wednesday 23rd JanuaryDay 1 Question– Day 1 Answer: Leeds + Winner: Laura McGregor!
Thursday 24th January Day 2 Question – Day 2 Answer: 2.6 million free calls since launch + Winner: Emily Rymchuk!
Friday 25th January Day 3 Question – Day 3 Answer: Call Santa  + Winner: Emma Tickle!
Monday 28th January Day 4 Question – Day 4 Answer: Camden + Winner: Dan Richford!
Tuesday 29th January Day 5 Question – Day 5 Answer: 18 cities + Winner: Craig Henderson!
Wednesday 30th January Day 6 Question – Day 6 Answer: 200+ brands + Winner: Shannon Healy!
Thursday 31st January Day 7 Question – Day 7 Answer: Swansea + Winner: Tara Hekmat!

Day 1

We kicked off our #InLink700 competition in a nice, easy fashion by asking you all: 

As of January 2019 InLink is now live in 18 UK cities. Which one of these four cities was our first outside of London?

The answer was Leeds. 

You can find out more about our Leeds launch in the news section of this website:

Congratulations to Laura McGregor who won our first set of £100 John Lewis vouchers.

Day 2

We ramped it up on day two with a slightly trickier question, though we felt confident you'd be able to make a good educated guess:

One of the many free services that InLink offers users is free phone calls to UK mobiles and landlines. How many free calls have users made since launch?

The answer was 2.6 million. 60% of entrants got this right.

Congratulations to Emily Rymchuk who won the daily £100 John Lewis vouchers prize.

Day 3

With a focus on on the industry-leading digital services that InLink brings to cities, our third question was:

One of the things that sets InLink apart is its content sponsorship opportunities. From live weather information to TfL updates, InLink serves as a modern community message board. At the end of 2018 we re-launched a popular seasonal campaign in partnership with Argos. What was it?

The answer was 'Call Santa'. You can read more about this popular service in our news section: 

Congratulations to Emma Tickle who was the winner for Day 3.

Day 4

We were very happy with the volume of answers that were still coming into us even on Day 4. The next question was:

Which London borough did InLink arrive in first?

The answer was Camden. Read on to find out more

Congratulations to Dan Richford who was the winner for Day 4.

Day 5

This competition proved so popular that you managed to crash our website on Day 5, and with solid numbers still rolling through, we knew we needed another great question:

By the end of 2018, how many UK cities was InLink live in?

The answer was 18 and this question threw quite a few of you. Those with an eye for detail got it right though and you can read more on our city launches here: 

Congratulations to the winner, Craig Henderson.

Day 6

With two remaining questions left, we were amazed at how much interest there still was. But with two lots of £100 John Lewis vouchers and the main prize of a trip to NYC it was clear why.

Day 6's question was: How many brands have booked InLink to date?

The answer was 200+

71% of you got this question right.

Congratulations to the winner, Shannon Healy.

Day 7

The final day landed and with it one last chance to win. The question keeping everyone on the edge of their seats was:

In which city were the first dual-language InLinks activated?

The answer was Swansea. Only a third of you got his one right, so it's clear it was one of the trickiest questions in our competition. Read on for the full Swansea story:

Congratulations to the final day's winner, Tara Hekmat.

Grand Prize Winner

After seven days of questions, answers and voucher winners we ended on a high: our grand prize announcement!

Our own James Power, Head of BT & InLinkUK sales called the winner live from one of the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea's InLinks to deliver the good news. Congratulations to Katherine Morley who will be flying her way to the Big Apple, courtesy of #InLink700!

Check out our Facebook page for the prize draw and live announcement:

A huge thank you to all those who entered and participated. 

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