yazoo don't lick this advert poster

The Objective

The overall objective of the Yazoo campaign was to increase sales and penetration of the product across multiple FMCG outlets.

The Strategy

Primesight offered Yazoo access to convenience shoppers through their CTN pack that specifically targeted savvy shoppers for that all important impulse buy on their path to purchase.

The Execution

The campaign was live across 1000+ convenience 6 sheet panels from 14th March 2016 for 2 weeks. The campaign was nationwide aiming to increase the desire of the Yazoo product to everyday shoppers.

The Outcome

We saw great results from this campaign with a 24% increase in sales across test stores during the campaign period. This was to the detriment of key competitors such as Weetabix On The Go milkshakes which saw declines of – 13.7% during the campaign period and – 18.2% for Vita Coco. As a result of Yazoo advertising on Primesight’s convenience network, not only could we prove this increased sales over the campaign period, but helped sustain a higher level of sales for the 4 weeks after the campaign had ended.

"We were incredibly pleased with the results of the Yazoo campaign booked with Primesight, where research helped prove that the convenience panels helped drive sales both during and post the campaign. The convenience market is a core target for the Yazoo brand and this campaign helped prove its value to the client in achieving increased sales for the brand." – Sara Ibbotson, Senior Connections Planning Manager from MEC


  • Driving brand recall
  • Increase purchase of the Yazoo brand
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