The Wish

The Wish book cover artwork on cinema D6s

The Objective is a crowd-sourcing website which aims to make people’s wishes come true. The creator of the site, Bill Griffin, wrote a book reviewing the 99 most popular wishes that the site and app have received and the universal lessons that can be learned from what people most want. The goal for the advertising campaign was to deliver a fun message which caught the eye of the younger target audience that the book was aimed at.

The Strategy

The campaign needed to capture the imagination. So where better to achieve this than in an environment where people were about to let loose their imagination, and one which offered significant dwell time? Cinema foyers offered the perfect environment for this campaign. By placing the creative in cinema, The Wish was tapping into a valuable audience of avid readers – avid readers are 30% more likely than the national average to be heavy cinema goers (YouGov 2017).

The Execution

The campaign saw 99 different book covers featured in cinema foyers nationwide on Primesight’s digital 6 sheets. This tied in with the book’s purpose of reviewing the site’s 99 most popular wishes. The campaign took place in January, a full month before the book launched, highlighting the ability to pre-order.

The Outcome

The author, and co-founder of Crowdwish, Bill Griffin, said, "It's been great working with Primesight on the launch of The Wish. The digital 6 sheets are the ideal channel to showcase the book’s 99 different covers and the targeting within the environment is perfect."