Pets at Home

pets at home interactive my pet pals game

The Objective

The Pets at Home retail chain wanted to raise brand awareness, and specifically, their in-store 'My Pet Pals' workshop. The brand’s target audience was families with children and they wanted to deliver a campaign that targeted this audience as they were out and about together. It was essential to deliver a campaign which would be seen as playful and engaging, reflecting the fun nature of pet ownership.

The Strategy

A collaboration between the brand, Primesight, Carat and Posterscope was undertaken to deliver a fully integrated strategic solution. Pets at Home utilised Primesight's national network of panels in cinema foyers. This was the perfect environment to reach families in a fun environment, and one which provided extensive dwell time to deliver an interactive campaign.

The Execution

Pets at Home harnessed the touchscreen functionality of the Digital 6 sheets in the cinema foyers to produce an interactive game for children. The game was designed by creative technology company Grand Visual, who specialise in delivering Digital OOH experiences. As well as being a fun game to play, it promoted responsible pet ownership, and simultaneously the My Pet Pals in-store workshop.

The Outcome

The campaign was a huge success. Following the campaign Pets at Home experienced a 65% uplift in store visits from new customers. The campaign also won significant praise within the Out of Home media industry, winning 'Best Interactive Campaign' at the Daily DOOH Gala Awards in December 2016.

"The cinema environment provided an excellent opportunity to target the whole family. The interactivity of the screens capitalised on foyer dwell time, allowing us to provide a deeper level of brand engagement to our audience." – Sam Grant, Group Business Director, Posterscope

"This campaign was a fantastic means of connecting consumers with the brand in a playful and engaging manner, whilst simultaneously promoting responsible pet ownership by heightening awareness of the in-store My Pet Pals workshops." – Alex Sturgess, Client Services Director, Carat


  • Increase brand awareness
  • Drive footfall to stores
  • Enhance brand perception
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