Peroni - Waterloo Domination

Peroni Waterloo Domination

The Objective

Peroni believe that Italian style is characterised by being Authentic, Crafted, Effortless, Timeless, Distinctive, Confident, Iconic, Passionate, and Understated. They wanted to be one of the top three Italian brands for style and quality. Peroni€'s campaign was built upon two core pillars. Those two pillars are telling and living.

The Strategy

Attention to detail for Peroni was absolutely paramount.

They wanted to create Impact; we looked at 20+ sites that allow a brand to dominate the landscape. The vinyl wrap helped to add an immersive feel and take the consumer on a journey.

They wanted to ensure relevance; we looked at close proximity to Southbank and its nearby array of stunning bars.

They wanted to be stylish; we allowed for the run of multiple sites to enable creative messaging in a hub.

The Execution

Slick, sleek, classy and creative are words that can be used to describe the execution. A fully immersive Italian experience wrapped around the OOH sites in the style of an Italian street to take the viewer on a journey.

The Outcome

€"The Waterloo Domination activity did a great job at answering the brief on cut-through and innovation in London for Peroni. It delivered on premium whilst still generating great cover against an ABC1 25-34 audience.

We were particularly keen to ensure innovation and not just €˜standard media so the halos that Primesight suggested worked really well with this in mind, and the video they produced was a great addition too for internal marketing purposes.

Also several site visits, guaranteed site checks, and an emphasis on maintaining sites to a high quality reassured the client that they were getting an impactful high reaching campaign, but not sacrificing quality.

Their happiness with the end product can be seen from the multiple renewals to date!"

Tom Harris
Business Director, MEC


Create an OOH gallery of Italian style

Showcase Peroni's brand essence as Authentic, Crafted, Effortless, Timeless, Distinctive, Confident, Iconic, Passionate



burst booking€ on the back of the first campaign


ABC1 audience

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