Columbus Direct

Columbus Direct travel insurance experiential zone

The Objective

Travel insurance brand Columbus Direct were aiming to promote the value of their products and provide a greater opportunity to purchase them. Showcasing the consumer-friendly nature of the Columbus website, and the ease of purchase was also important.

The Strategy

Targeting an audience in a travel frame-of-mind was a crucial element to this campaign. Utilising Gatwick Airport during the summer months was a natural place in which to reach this audience, also providing the opportunity to reach passengers who had forgotten to purchase travel insurance.

The Execution

From mid-August 2015 specially-built interactive kiosks were placed in Gatwick Airport’s South Terminal. The kiosks made Columbus Direct’s suite of products available to departing passengers who had forgotten to purchase insurance beforehand. These incorporated easy-to-use technology with a 2 minute turnaround time to encourage further take-up. At the midway point of the campaign the kiosks were supplemented by directional advertising on a combination of our large DOOH formats, the Gatwick Eye, and the adjacent Gatwick Pillars.

The Outcome

Initial sales were significant, confirming that the audience and position of the kiosks had been advantageous. Throughout the whole of the digital campaign, a 57% uplift in sales was achieved. The highest take-up was from millennial passengers in the age bracket 25-34, closely followed by 18-25 year olds. These are the audiences most likely to not have purchased their travel insurance in advance.