Arla Waterloo Domination

Arla Waterloo Domination

The Objective

Arla launched a new sub-brand to complement the existing Lurpak range of products; Lurpak Cook€s Range consists of four butter based products aimed at ambitious home cooks.

The product launch was supported by an integrated marketing campaign employing several channels: TV advertising, outdoor, print, social media, experiential and digital. The overarching message at the centre of the campaign was to inspire people to be more creative and brave with their cooking.

The Strategy

Waterloo, the busiest train station in the country, was chosen by Carat as the setting for audience exposure to Primesight's panels surrounding the area around the station. Within the station itself there were live cooking demos delivering an outstanding experiential campaign.

Waterloo was chosen as it delivers a large concentration of affluent London and South East travellers who will be thinking about their evening meal in a high dwell time environment.

The Execution

The agency started this versatile multi-media campaign by exposing commuters to outdoor advertising from Lurpak, including Primesight's multi-format €Waterloo Domination€ package. Then, Carat introduced in-loop advertising on Motion@Waterloo by using Waterloo Station where live cooking demonstrations and sampling took place.

The Outcome

€"The campaign was extremely innovative and delivered a multi-touchpoint consumer experience that has led to a great awareness build for the NPD€"

Carat Account Manager


  • Increase brand awareness
  • Increase the purchase intent and drive people to stores


The activity drove product understanding and sales


increase in knowledge of how the four products could be used of those exposed to the activity


shift in agreement that Lurpak Cook'€s Range inspires them to be adventurous in their cooking


increase in brand consideration to purchase the Cook's Range post the experience

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