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See your advert brought to life

It can be hard to imagine what your advert will look like in real life, especially when you're new to advertising, or buying a billboard for the first time. With our handy preview tool you can put a design in place to try out on any number of our local formats, from classic billboards, through to InLinks (portrait digital screens on the high street). 

Click on the button below to try out the tool straight away, or scroll down for help on the four easy steps you need to follow in using our preview tool. 

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Choose which of our formats you want to try out.


Check the specifications and work with whatever suits you best - portrait or landscape.


Upload your file and our system will angle and reshape your advert for a preview (2MB max).


Save, download and use your image.

Designing the right size

You can choose between portrait and landscape sites, but to see your preview at its best, please use the following specifications when designing your advert preview:

6 sheet
Convenience 6 sheet
Roadside 6 sheet
Mega 6

48 sheet
Digital 48 sheet (D48) 
Backlight 48 sheet (BL48)
96 sheet
Digital 96 sheet (D96)
Backlight 96 sheet (BL96)
259px x 461 px (72dpi)
576px x 288px (72dpi)
1642px x 622px (72dpi)
259px x 700px (72dpi)
560 x 288 px (72dpi)
1920 x 540px (72dpi)

Please be aware, this design is just to give you an idea of what your advert might look like in real life. If you decide to go ahead with a Primesight booking you will need to supply artwork to the correct specifications laid out by a member of the Primesight team or listed on the specification pages of this website. 

It's easy to create your own advert

Our preview tool can help you get an idea of what your advert will look like in real life. This gives you the confidence to go ahead with your original idea or re-design it, by playing around with the text, images and logo you want to use in your advertising. Not sure how big each part should be? Not sure which images of your products or stores will work best? This is the place to upload each of your ideas and figure out which style would work best to bring you local fame. 

As well as our handy tool, we've also created a guide with some of our top tips on creating your poster and thinking carefully about making the most of your message. You can find our guide here: 8 Steps to Creating an Effective Poster. And if you're finding some of the jargon difficult to understand, you can use our Glossary to speed things up.

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Make your advert a reality

Now that you've had the chance to see what your advert might look like on the local high street or around the corner from your shop, it's time to make it a reality. Speak to a member of our team today to find out how you can achieve fame in your area.