Our broad portfolio is perfect

For local brands, businesses and the public sector

By understanding the needs of local advertisers, we do everything possible to help you become famous in your area. Knowing you need to see returns on your campaign, we pride ourselves on making your campaign as measurable as possible; whether that measure is driving sales, store footfall, online visits or local recognition.

Classic billboards

Classic '48-sheets' and '96-sheets' have been around longer than most of us have worked at Primesight. 

Classic billboards are one of the most effective ways of dominating your local area and making a statement to your customers: you can be trusted and you're there to stay. 

If you're looking to become locally famous, classic billboards are one of the biggest and best choices you can make. 

Digital billboards

Digital billboards are a great way to become famous in your area, with the added benefit of having flexible booking terms and great affordability for smaller budgets. 

Working with our local experts, you can pick the days and times that will suit you best for speaking to your ideal audience. Parents? Commuters? Young professionals? 

We'll be able to help you make your budget stretch further with some clever targeting. 


With contracts for 10 of the UK's best airports, Primesight are in a great position to offer you a truly broad regional UK audience. Manchester, Stansted, Gatwick, Luton, Bournemouth, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Southampton, Prestwick and Guernsey provide great opportunities to speak to existing and potential customers. 

All our airports have a wide and varying range of advertising opportunities, giving you plenty of options to target the right people for your business or website. 

What sets the airport environment apart is the high dwell time and positive, excited or relaxed mood of most flyers. This not only makes them very open to your advertising, but also more likely to take action: 42% of frequent flyers report visiting a website, going to a store or learning more about what is advertised in airports.


Another unique environment from Primesight, cinema foyer advertising is available within any of our 160 cinemas across the UK. 

Cinema audiences are relaxed and likely to arrive twenty minutes before their film starts, giving them plenty of time to see your advert. Importantly, because you can choose to book your campaign around specific times of year or even specific film showings you'll know the profile of the audience seeing your message - 18-24s, predominantly male or female audiences and families are some of the groups you can build into your budget to get maximum ROI. 

Phone boxes

Kiosks – alongside the new breed of InLinks – are the only out-of-home advertising that target a high street audience, meaning they're perfect for online retailers and bricks-and-mortar businesses.

Another selling point for local businesses is that phone boxes are amongst the most affordable outdoor advertising available - making them ideal for first-time buyers looking to advertise in proximity to stores.


6-sheets are excellent for influencing your audience just as they're in the buying mood. With large numbers outside Co-ops and other convenience stores you'll be catching your audience in the mood to spend and in close proximity to shopping hubs. 

As shopping habits have changed over time most of us are more likely to do frequent, smaller shops, making our 6-sheets in busy, popular areas the ideal buy for reaching your customers repeatedly. 


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