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We've selected some of our most popular cities in Northern Ireland to give you an idea of what advertising with Primesight can deliver for your business. But it's not just Belfast and Derry/Londonderry where we have a strong presence. Call our central line today on 0141 473 3034 to be re-directed to our Northern Ireland team who will be able to help you book a cost-effective, results-driven campaign.


With a population of over 333,000, it’s no wonder Belfast claims the title of Northern Ireland’s capital city. Situated on the east coast of the island, Belfast is the second biggest city of the two nations.

Home to an eclectic range of architecture through the ages – from the classic construction of City Hall to the modern composition of Waterfront Hall – Belfast offers a plethora of urban landscapes. Belfast is also home to Ireland’s tallest building, the Obel Tower at 28 storeys.

Famous for the setting of the Alice Clock, the Titanic Museum, and the world’s largest dry docks, Belfast’s industrial and economic growth over the years has been attributed to its harbour trade and linen exports. However, its industrial scenery contrasts with the natural landscapes that it boasts with Divis Mountain, Black Mountain and Cave Hill.

The capital is the hub of 895 international companies employing over 99,000 people.

Belfast’s motto is Pro tanto quid retribuamus. It’s translated as “What return shall we make for so much?” The answer is evident.

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Derry / Londonderry

As Belfast’s smaller sibling, Northern Ireland’s second largest city and Ireland's fourth largest conurbation, Derry / Londonderry is home to over 100,000 people. The city is sculpted in two sections: cityside and waterside, connected by the renowned ‘Peace Bridge’ across the River Foyle. 

Derry / Londonderry is famous for its historical walled city at the core of the city’s modern fusion, containing a portfolio of late Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian buildings. The Guildhall is one of the most striking with its neo-Gothic style and Tudor overtones, with St. Columb’s Cathedral as one of the city’s oldest buildings dating back to 1633. 

The city hosts a superb and vibrant nightlife with a fantastic live music scene from traditional Irish folk, to the more modern pop and rock numbers. Derry / Londonderry has won the UK City of Culture in both 2010 and 2013 and is world-famous for its Halloween celebrations, winning global awards on many occasions. Each year, the harbour holds the Foyle Maritime festival whereby up to 220,000 people gather to see the boats and yachts for the annual spectacle.

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