Primesight is one of the most diverse and broadest reaching Outdoor Media Owners in the UK with more than 35,300 sites nationwide. From large-scale billboards to unique digital advertising, Primesight is committed to helping clients ‘make an impression’ and reach some of the largest audiences in the country.

Who we are

Primesight offers one of the most complete, diverse and broadest-reaching Out of Home advertising solutions, covering over 95% of the UK population. We are committed to providing our customers with the best in OOH experiences so that they can share in our mission to ‘make an impression’.

We have a dedicated team of more than 160 people in 4 locations nationwide. Together they work collaboratively with advertisers, agencies, local businesses and other partners to deliver exemplary advertising in some of the most prominent public spaces in the country.

In 2017, Primesight entered a joint venture with Intersection and partnered with BT to launch InLinkUK from BT. InLinks offer incredible benefits to advertisers and the public alike including premium locations for digital adverts and ultra-fast Wi-Fi. 

Our Mission: Make an Impression

At Primesight our mission is to make an impression in everything we do. We are proud to own the UK's broadest reaching OOH advertising estate, delivering highly desirable audiences throughout the nation.

We will deliver our mission by:

  • Caring about the impressions that every site delivers;
  • Developing smart ideas and valuable insights, making campaigns memorable and efficient;
  • Committing to deliver on our core values of Bias towards Action, Balance, and Care.

All information relating to compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR May 2018) can be found on the 'Legal' page of our site.

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