Mother's Day (07/03/17)

Mother's Day

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With Mothering Sunday a few weeks away (26th March), it seems it's sons rather than daughters who will be splashing out on the occasion.

Indeed, new research from Mintel* reveals that men spent £12.18 more on mum than daughters did on Mother's Day in 2015.

For men who spent money on the occasion, the average spend was £41.15, whilst the average spend for women was £28.97. Rather than preparing for the event, men are more likely to have bought on impulse. One quarter (24%) of men who bought gifts for Mother’s Day in 2015 said they bought on impulse, compared to 18% of women. Despite this, Mintel research shows that more women than men splashed out for Mother's Day that year – 62% of women purchased gifts, compared to 57% of men.

Overall 60% of Brits spent money for Mother's Day and whilst almost one third (31%) of Brits bought cards, 29% bought flowers and 15% bought chocolate gifts. Brits are estimated to have spent over half a billion (£510 million) on products for Mother’s Day in 2015.

Brits are estimated to have spent over half a billion pounds on products for Mother’s Day in 2015.

As well as differences in gender, it seems that there are also variations in generosity across regions. Over two thirds (69%) of those living in the West Midlands bought at least one product for Mother's Day in this period. In comparison, 51% of those in Scotland bought a gift for mum on Mother's Day.

But when it comes to spending the most, those in London appear to have the deepest pockets. On average, Londoners spent £87.12 on Mother's Day products in 2015. By contrast, those in Yorkshire and Humberside spent £23.41.

However, despite having the highest spending habits, mothers with children living in London may be missing out on a visit this Mother's Day. One quarter (24%) of Londoners say that they send gifts by post on Mother's or Father's Day rather than visiting, compared to an overall average of 17%.

If your business competes in the lucrative Mother's Day market then tailoring your advertising campaigns in time to target these impulse shoppers could be a great way to raise that ROI. In particular, running advertising alongside your promotions boosts the effectiveness of both.

Digital out-of-home media (DOOH) enables your business to flexibly deliver a relevant message in the run-up to the big day. DOOH amplifies that message to local audiences with sites located in prime parts of the biggest urban areas of the UK, enabling you to reach a huge audience in your area.

If you're looking to take advantage of these insights and shoppers' impulsivity, speak to a member of our team today for our last-minute digital deals.

And if you're not looking for billboards for now, we hope you've at least written this important date in your diary!

*Source: Mintel Seasonal Shopping report


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