TransPennine Express

TransPennine DOOH advertising at Manchester airport

The Strategy

First TransPennine Express unveiled their first advertising campaign at Manchester Airport to offer live train times on digital screens. Specifically targeting arriving passengers on baggage reclaim carousel screens, the campaign saw the onward travel company collaborate with Primesight Airports and ADXBA. The creative provided a list of upcoming train times to a wide range of destinations.

The Execution

As Jim Kerr, Managing Director at ADXBA, explained: "Our exclusive Unity platform is able to access the very latest information from the National rail database and distribute that information on to our screens at Manchester Airport, marrying the data with First TransPennine Express' animated graphics."

The Outcome

First TransPennine Express saw an uplift in ticket sales as a direct result of the Manchester Airport Arrivals campaign, which was also shortlisted for the 2016 UK Customer Satisfaction Awards in the category of 'VocaLink Best Application of Technology Award'.


"We are delighted that we were able to use the digital screen technology to broadcast live train times as part of our eye-catching creative. It afforded us an award nomination and an uplift in ticket sales, which was definitely the desired outcome."

Michele Bousted, Campaigns and Promotions Manager, First TransPennine Express.

Key Facts

Client: First TransPennine Express

Date: July 2015 onwards

Campaign: Live Departure Times

Location: Manchester Airport

Target Market: Arriving Passengers

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