NOW TV - Digital Cinema Interactive

NOW TV Digital Cinema Interactive

The Objective

Now TV allows viewers to watch Sky Movies, Sky Sports and Sky entertainment TV programmes without a Sky subscription, either by paying for the month (movies and entertainment) or for day passes (sports).

The campaign objective was to create a campaign that was inclusive, fun and encouraged interaction with the range of fantastic family movies available on Now TV this summer.

The Strategy

Engaging with families on a day trip was the key and it was quickly identified that the Primesight OOH cinema opportunity was perfect for the strategy in question.

The interactive campaign was then planned and bought by MediaCom and Rapport. It was delivered on Primesight'€™s digital six-sheet screens in the ten most popular cinemas across the country, supported by traditional six-sheets in 304 cinemas.

The Execution

Now TV decided which creative designs to use for the static posters using Primedesign, Primesight€™'s tool that uses computer modelling to allow brands to anticipate how a campaign might be viewed in a cinema. The interactive game, called €œBack in Your Box€ and created by WCRS, features characters found on Now TV, emerging from boxes. Passers-by must tap the characters on the screen to hit them back into their box.

The Outcome

"We were excited by the interactive element in the OOH package MediaCom recommended to us€.

"WCRS has taken full advantage of the technology and the outcome is a fun and engaging game that encourages interaction with the range of fantastic family movies available on Now TV this summer.

"The campaign was featured in Campaign Live and picked up across various publications including Mediatel and Output magazine."

Jana Wheeler
Brand marketing controller, Now TV


  • Increase brand awareness
  • Increase interactions






8 in 10

liked the interactive advertising approach

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