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The Objective

Lucozade’s ‘Find Your Flow’ was one of the biggest campaigns in 2015, targeting a wide audience of ‘everyday strivers’ with a combination of TV, Radio and OOH. Everyday strivers comprised people who work hard, play hard and pack their days full. Looking to make a big impact and position Lucozade as relevant to everyday dips in energy levels, a further campaign objective was to target a more specific audience of those strivers who are ‘on the move’.

The Strategy

We knew that Lucozade had to do something completely original and that our large format DOOH sites would provide the solution in targeting the everyday strivers on the move. But more crucially, this message could be amplified using another powerful medium, radio, to create a standout audio-visual experience. In an ambitious media first Primesight approached GTN UK to make it happen. Together, we established the idea of synchronising Lucozade’s radio schedule spot times, which were running adjacent to traffic bulletins on all major radio groups, with our portfolio of national digital roadside panels. This would create a unique, emotive and engaging experience for drivers in need of a Lucozade Energy boost.

The Execution

Close collaboration between all partners (Mediacom, Primesight and GTN UK) was instrumental in overcoming difficult technical and logistical issues as this had never been done before. BroadSign player software was used to perfectly sync ‘disruption spots’ into Primesight’s outdoor scheduling system. As soon as the Lucozade radio ad played during a commuter’s journey, the digital outdoor panels seamlessly switched to a full domination ad for Lucozade to create a multi-sensory, targeted experience for drivers.

The Outcome

Research showed that 79 per cent of our target audience saw and heard the OOH and radio campaign of which 63 per cent were likely to consider purchasing Lucozade Energy as a result of being exposed to the campaign. This is 37 per cent more likely than those just exposed to radio and 23 per cent more than those just exposed to outdoor. Significantly, 40 per cent of those exposed to both OOH and radio were spontaneously aware of the Lucozade brand, which is 14 per cent more likely than those solely exposed to radio and 33 per cent more likely than those exposed solely to OOH.*

As well as substantial trade press coverage Lucozade made it into Campaign's top 10 OOH campaigns of 2015, won Best Interactive Campaign at The Drum Awards and two golds at the Arqiva Awards (Most Effective Agency Case Study for Mediacom and Commercial Radio National Sales Award for GTN).

“We are really pleased with the way Mediacom have worked with Primesight and GTN UK to develop this innovative use of DOOH and radio to really help land Lucozade’s role within on the move occasions.”

Lesley Stonier, Marketing Manager, Lucozade

*Source: Clark Chapman Advertising & Media Research, June 2015


Target an audience of ‘everyday strivers’ on the move

Position Lucozade Energy as relevant to everyday dips in energy levels


79 per cent

of our target audience saw and heard the OOH and radio campaign

of which

63 per cent

were likely to consider purchasing Lucozade Energy as a result of being exposed to the campaign*

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