Innocent Smoothies - Waterloo Domination

Innocent Smoothies Waterloo Domination

The Objective

Innocent launched a multichannel campaign looking to promote its new €Tastes good, does good€ proposition. The activity celebrated the Chain of good€ that begins with an Innocent drink and aims to highlight the charitable donations that the brand makes to help people around the world.

The Strategy

The campaign ran across Outdoor, TV and digital. Outdoor was an extremely important ingredient in the mix, bringing high reach and impact levels for the Tastes good, does good€ message. Primesight€'s Waterloo Domination was excellent in delivering the appropriate impacts against the desired audience with its central location. The concentration of different formats allowed the advertiser to position different engaging messages that complement each other on the posters.

The Execution

Innocent used the 21 multiple OOH formats available at Waterloo Domination and varied the pieces to create a €"chain"€ of reasons - a sequence of messages strung along common journeys intended to give more than one exposure every time. The site was Wi-Fi enabled allowing the audience to access exclusive material online about the brand and the campaign.

Waterloo Domination delivers 9,112,383 impacts with a frequency of 11.05 and reach of 824,650 every two week period, for a predominantly young, affluent and connected audience.

The Outcome

€"We chose outdoor as a medium so we could bring our €Chain of good story to life close to the point of purchase. Therefore, we strategically picked out the locations where our audience lives and works. Primesight's estate at Waterloo Domination was instrumental in delivering the above.

Post campaign, we have had positive feedback on social media with loads of picture uploads. If you use outdoor posters, having sampling in the middle completely involves people in the brand.€"

James Peach
Brand Manager, Innocent Drinks UK


  • Promote the new "Tastes good, does good"€ campaign
  • Celebrate the "Chain of good"€ that begins with an Innocent drink

Waterloo Domination


impacts per two weeks


reach per two weeks


frequency per two weeks

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