Hyundai Fandome

hyundai euro 2016 digital billboard marketing campaign

The Objective

As an official sponsor of the UEFA Euro 2016 Football Championships, Hyundai required a campaign which would generate an extra level of standout for the duration of the tournament. As a corporate sponsor they would receive one-sixth of the idents during ITV's coverage of Euro 2016, however they wanted to build on this, by creating comms that would truly engage football fans.

The Strategy

In order to deliver an engaging campaign which would resonate with football fans, the Hyundai Fandome was created – a 360 degree, innovative and immersive fan-first experience where every match from the tournament would be screened. The aim was then to make the Fandome famous, keep it front of mind for the duration of Euro 2016, and increase positive perception of the Hyundai brand and their association with the tournament.

The Execution

Hyundai worked with Primesight on an innovative approach to buying Digital OOH media to promote the event. Rather than buying space on a site-by-site basis, a set number of impacts were deployed hourly, based on real-time ticket demand, with data supplied by Ticketmaster. If more ticket sales needed to be achieved for any given period, then the Digital OOH activity would increase. This approach delivered 6.3 million highly targeted impacts for the duration of the tournament. This approach is a great example of how utilising DOOH flexibly and in real-time can deliver a perfectly targeted campaign with hugely beneficial results.

The Outcome

"The Hyundai Fandome campaign is a great example of the flexibility which Digital OOH provides to advertisers. The innovative real-time approach in buying impacts across Primesight’s DOOH network allowed us to maximise the effectiveness of the message, and ultimately produce a more efficient means of getting people to the Fandome. The OOH campaign was a great success in driving awareness of the Fandome and played a key role in driving people to the event." Alex Sherr, Account Manager, Havas Media


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