British Gas Hive

Hive digital advertising on baggage carousel

The Details

British Gas launched the world’s first digital out-of-home campaign using flight data to target UK passengers as they touched down in Britain. Forming part of a national OOH campaign for Hive Active Heating, they partnered with international OOH agency PSI and digital OOH specialists Liveposter to reach UK residents returning home in London Gatwick arrivals and London Heathrow during Winter.

Digital arrivals screens displayed origin-specific welcome home messages to holidaymakers. The creative encouraged British Gas customers to control their heating and hot water remotely via mobile, tablet or laptop. It marked the first implementation of PSI and Liveposter’s international hub package, Liveposter Airports, enabling brands to create, schedule and publish digital ads to major international airports.

The Outcome

  • During the two week campaign in October 2014, nearly 387,000 passengers passed through arrivals in Gatwick North and South, during which time the bespoke ad copy was served to flights from a wide range of destinations.
  • The client replicated the campaign at Manchester Airport, proving to be a great success with further investment underway.

Key Facts

Client: British Gas Hive

Date: October 2014

Campaign: Hive Active Heating

Location: Gatwick Airport

Market: UK Arriving Audiences

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