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With sites nationwide, Primesight is there to give your SME advertising the kick-start. Getting your campaign going with no minimum spend is easy with our new online booking system. You can also use the website to find information on all of the outdoor sites near you - ideal for your local advertising campaign.

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Outdoor advertising gets your local business noticed

Situated in the heart of the local community and with the flexibility to purchase from just one site, outdoor advertising can promote your business to current and future customers.

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Guidelines for creating effective outdoor posters

For the best results, make sure your creative treatment is clear and effective.

“The billboard is finished when you can no longer find a single element to remove”

Robert Fleege,
OOH art director & copywriter

For more design tips DOWNLOAD our guide to making the perfect poster.

Business Sectors

Our advertising sites help clients grow their business across a range of business sectors.


Primesight has over 380 clients within the Property sector. The outdoor audience is 74% more likely to purchase a first home, 41% more likely to make home improvements and 17% more likely to be renting when compared to the UK national average.


We booked a 48 sheet billboard, for 4 weeks from Primesight, as soon as it was up we had local people coming into our office to comment on how good our name looked on the billboard. As a footfall generator the billboard worked very well for us. From the increased footfall we secured more Landlords and Tenants. From our experience we would recommend contacting Primesight.

Simon Collyer & Tracie Proudley
Directors - Martin & Co

Advertising on Billboards with Primesight allows us to maintain a permanent 24/7 advertising presence in our key areas. We have been advertising with Primesight for over 5 years running and receive great feedback from our customers. All of the team at Primesight have a clear understanding of what we need to achieve and certainly deliver for James Pendleton.

Lee James & Lucy Pendleton

"As a private student accommodation provider, the main objective for X1 Lettings was to increase brand awareness within Liverpool. With University halls provided upon application, it is easy for new students to overlook the private halls option. Primesight have extremely ideal locations for X1 to advertise within-the majority of locations located in areas of a high student dwelling with an astounding amount of opportunities to be seen.

Choosing billboards and 6 sheets with Primesight is a great channel to increase brand awareness and advertise directly to our target audience in the least intrusive way.

Moreover, using 48 sheets utilised for adhoc activity during promotional campaigns always has a positive impact with regards to interest with X1 Lettings.

Eve Addison
Marketing and Landlord Manager

Local authority/Government

One of Primesight’s key client groups, the Public sector uses our advertising space in communities across the country. We have 1,334 clients in this area. The outdoor audience has an interest in politics/affairs and general public topics. When compared to the UK national average, they are 34% more likely to be talking to many different people about key issues and 43% more likely to know a large amount on current affairs.


"Stoke – on-Trent City Council has recently used Primesight to help create awareness of Fostering opportunities within the city. The sites offered gave great impact, hitting high numbers of people and has helped to raise the profile of fostering with the main message of keeping local children within Stoke-on-Trent"

Adrian Sewell
Principal Manager - Fostering


We have 1345 Retail clients who benefit from classic billboard and digital advertising every day. The outdoor media audience are 21% more likely to spend on menswear, 23% more likely to spend on womenswear, 18% more likely to spend on footwear/accessories and 13% more likely to spend on childrenswear when compared to the UK national average.


“Primesight really take the time to get to know their clients and find out what they need. I would highly recommend using Primesight to anyone!”

Karen Nally
Marketing Manager


When it comes to the Education category, the outdoor audience scores high, really hitting the younger demographic age groups. The outdoor audience are 21% more likely to have a masters degree, 51% more likely to have a Doctorate and they are 30% more likely to be studying towards a qualification when compared to the UK average.


"I wanted to let you know how impressed we have been since dealing with Primesight as a direct provider of promotional billboards. My contact with you has always been of the highest quality and your willingness to find solutions when we have encountered difficulties has always impressed me. The sites you offer are a premium to us and your costs are very competitive.

I would recommend Primesight because of the way you have handled our account. Your professionalism, enthusiasm and communication skills are excellent. Many thanks and I look forward to our continued partnership"

Elizabeth McKenna
Director - Administration and Finance at Arnold Lodge School

We were very pleased with the service provided by Primesight.

Excellent at providing ideas on where we could advertise, and saw this right through from idea to execution whilst maintaining regular contact to let us know how everything progressed. We found the outdoor aspect of the campaign to be very successful in terms of creating brand awareness to a particular target market (potential students and parents), and therefore generating enquiries to our clearing hotline team.

Jayne Cleverley, Faculty and Corporate Marketing Coordinator (MarTec)
Marketing and Communications - Southampton Solent University

We found the impact and visibility an excellent medium for our College. As many of our prospective students and their parents use the station it provides us with good exposure for our specific Open Evenings at College. We will continue to use this medium for our campaigns.”

Gill Hurst
Marketing Manager - Woking College.


Primesight has 166 Fashion clients. The outdoor audience are 33% more likely to wear designer clothes and 40% more likely to buy from department stores when compared to the UK national average.


"Our campaign was more a way of seeing if billboards and digital cinema campaign would help with brand awareness, rather than sales, so we opted for a small budgeted campaign. We realised that the campaign was a huge success, not only for brand awareness, but also for driving sales. We had a great representative who came to see us and advised on the billboards and the preferred cinemas where we should aim for. Local knowledge and personal approach was so important here. Again, being a small budget campaign, common sense would say not to expect much, but we had a surprising success!! As a result, we now look towards doing a bigger billboard campaign and now work this cost in to our advertising budget!"

Archie Singh-Raud
Director at 5 Fashion

Local Entertainment

Primesight has 1,734 clients in the Entertainment & Media sector. The outdoor media audience is very active and regularly going to lots of events, concerts and exhibitions. They are 32% more likely to go to a music festival and 94% more likely to visit concerts once a month or more when compared to the UK national average .


Bringing a huge range of world class entertainment to the North East there really is something for everyone at the Metro Radio Arena and we therefore need a media to reach literally everyone! Primesight understand our needs and that of each individual event suggesting and creating the ideal outdoor campaign.

Outdoor offers us the opportunity to reach every one of our customers with a high impact message, providing 24/7 exposure which raises awareness whilst supporting other activities. We find outdoor the perfect complement and necessary element to any successful campaign.

Our most recent campaign was to raise awareness of the forthcoming Simply Red event when additional tickets were made available for this previously sold show. To support press, social and digital messages Primesight helped us to select key 48 sheet sites which after a very quick 2 week booking instantly saw the desired results.

Kate Smith
SMG Newcastle

Professional Services

Primesight has 261 Professional Services clients. The outdoor audience are 30% more likely to seek legal advice and 85% more likely to seek criminal advice when compared to the UK national average. They are also 109% more likely to seek help on employment law.


"We have worked with primesight for several years and they have delivered consistently on billboards. The objective of this campaign was to create brand awareness for our advertising agency and to attract new clients. The ad was on a domineering 96 sheet billboards so it immediately gave us clout and credibility and placed our company as a relevant brand.

The campaign also created a lot of buzz with a lot of shares and tweets on social media. We also had a lot of enquiries from potential clients and got some new business out of it.

All in all we were very pleased with the results"

Kenneth Benson
Owner, Benson Advertising Agency


Primesight has 294 Finance based clients. When you review the outdoor audience within Finance, it’s interesting to look at lifestyle statements. They are 24% more likely to spend money without thinking, and they are 23% more likely to buy items on a credit card when compared to the UK national average.


When it comes to Leisure, the outdoor audience are 38% more likely to be involved in artistic activities, 45% more likely to be involved in outdoor nature pursuits, 26% more likely to enjoy photography and 36% more likely to belong to a club when compared to the UK national average.

Health and Beauty

Primesight has 188 Health and Beauty clients. With health and beauty, the outdoor audience are 23% more likely to buy often at a chemist/pharmacy. They are 7% more likely to believe they should do a lot more about their health and 25% more likely to believe that they don’t take care of themselves as well as they should due to lifestyle when compared to the UK national average.

Case Studies


O2 Read More >

O2 scored a media first at London Gatwick Airport with targeted, relevant messaging that changed using real-time flight arrival data. Read on for the impressive results.

Thomas Cook Airlines

Thomas Cook Airlines Read More >

This campaign sought to provide Thomas Cook Airlines passengers with a positive customer experience by giving them something to smile about right at the start of their journey.


easyJet Read More >

A media first, and dynamic 12-month campaign promoting easyJet across various formats at Gatwick Airport. This campaign further increased easyJet's customer base through effective and frequent flyer messaging.


Coty Read More >

Luxury fashion brand Calvin Klein launched a worldwide ad campaign for its new perfume “ck2”, exclusively for the travel retail market at Gatwick Airport.


Canon Read More >

As a result of their first ever airports campaign, Canon saw a 10% uplift in website traffic.

Virgin Money

Virgin Money Read More >

With their takeover of Gatwick Airport South Terminal departure lounge Virgin Money raised awareness of their travel insurance offer and gave travellers a fun, one-off experience to start their holiday the right way.

TransPennine Express

TransPennine Express Read More >

TransPennine's innovative DOOH campaign at Manchester Airport saw an uplift in ticket sales and was shortlisted at the 2016 UK Customer Satisfaction Awards.

Land Rover

Land Rover Read More >

Using a bespoke special build at Gatwick, Stansted and Manchester airports, Land Rover wowed consumers with this experiential campaign that received 45,000 interactions in four weeks.


Jameson Read More >

Jameson's award-nominated #BeOriginal360 campaign saw a sales uplift of 39% as a result of their Gatwick Airport advertising.

Twentieth Century Fox

Twentieth Century Fox Read More >

Capitalising on the insight that many package holiday and short-haul flights don't offer in-flight entertainment, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment targeted passengers at Gatwick Airport with great download offers.

Cheshire Oaks

Cheshire Oaks Read More >

Promoting their 60% sale using local proximity marketing, Cheshire Oaks saw great results through their Manchester Airport DOOH campaign.

Columbus Direct

Columbus Direct Read More >

Targeting an audience in a travel frame-of-mind was crucial to promoting Columbus Direct. Gatwick Airport during the summer months was the natural place in which to reach their target audience, providing the opportunity to reach passengers who had forgotten to purchase travel insurance.

British Gas Hive

British Gas Hive Read More >

British Gas launched the world’s first digital out-of-home campaign using flight data to target UK passengers as they touched down in Britain at Gatwick Airport.

The Wish

The Wish Read More >

Avid readers are 30% more likely than the national average to be heavy cinema goers. Armed with this knowledge, author Bill Griffin chose to target his ideal audience through digital cinema 6-sheets, ahead of the launch of his book 'The Wish'.

Liverpool City Council

Liverpool City Council Read More >

Liverpool city council wanted to push a clinical message targeting 18-30 year olds with a particular focus on students. The DrinkLessEnjoyMore campaign is about promoting an enjoyable night out but suggests if you drink less you are less likely to have your night cut short by being refused entry to a bar/pub/club, being refused service for being too drunk or being fined for buying a drink for someone who is clearly drunk.The campaign, a joint initiative between Liverpool City Council, Merseyside Police, CitySafe and Liverpool NHS Clinical Commissioning Group, aims to raise awareness of the 2003 Licensing Act, which states it is illegal to buy alcohol for someone who is clearly drunk and for bar staff to serve someone who is clearly drunk.

Scottish Government Bus Shelters

Scottish Government Bus Shelters Read More >

Detect Cancer Early was originally launched in February 2012 to increase the proportion of people in Scotland who are diagnosed in the early stages of breast, bowel and lung cancer by 25 per cent, by the end of 2015. The latest Detect Cancer Early message was designed to recommend that anyone suffering from a cough for three weeks or more should visit their GP to be checked out.

Metro Radio Arena

Metro Radio Arena Read More >

The Metro Radio Arena Newcastle is the largest concert and exhibition venue in the North East of England. Metro Radio Arena wanted to use a medium that could reach as many people as possible. Because of the diversity of demographic that the Metro Radio Arena requires in music and entertainment preferences, it was essential to create scale and frequency.

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